Tonietti Mausoleum

The Tonietti Mausoleum was built in the late nineteenth early twentieth century. by the Florentine architect Adolfo Coppedè for the Tonietti family as a family tomb and as a monument to Giuseppe Tonietti, the first tenant of the Elban mines. The date of construction is uncertain and is between 1899 and 1906. It is considered the best work of Adolfo Coppedè’s production on the Island of Elba, where the manor house of the farm is due to the same architect on behalf of the Del Buono family. S. Martino, the residential building and the family chapel in Portoferraio. The mausoleum, built on a quadrangular base preceded by a marble staircase – today totally degraded, is configured as an imposing tower with a square plan which both for its shape and for its position closely recall the idea of ​​an elaborate lighthouse. The material used for the construction is rough-cut Elban granite, with numerous and characterizing inserts in white marble for the heterogeneous, grandiloquent decorative episodes.

Where is the Tonietti Mausoleum

It is located on the sides of Mount Lentisco, in the locality of Pinetina near the Cavo, Rio Marina on a rock step, 112 meters high to dominate the village of Cavo. From a distance, the summit stands out like a lighthouse from the green mantle of vegetation.