Fortresses and Castles

Fortresses and Castles

Tower Rio Marina beach

Rio Marina Tower

Appiani Tower from 1534 in Rio Marina Tower of Rio Marina, historical name Torre degli Appiani is municipal property and ...
Marciana Marina Tower, dates back to the 12th century

Tower Marciana Marina

The Tower of Marciana Marina dates back to the XII century, being Marciana Marina in that period subjected to Pisan ...
Tower of the Linguella Martello Passannante Portoferraio

Tower of the Linguella or the Hammer

Cosmopoli and the Linguella Tower The tower of the Linguella (Hammer) is part of the fortifications of Cosmopoli, is located ...
Tower of the Molo Gallo and Brings at Sea

Tower of the Molo Gallo

Entrance to the dock from Tower of the Molo Gallo The Tower of the Gallo was built in 1733, it ...
Pisan Fortress Marciana Alta

Pisan fortress of Marciana

Ancient fortress of Marciana the Pisan Fortress The Pisan Fortress of Marciana (an ancient fortress) is characterized by four defensive ...
Portoferraio, Fort Falcone, De Lauger, Fort Stella.

Stella Fortress

Fortress Stella and Fortress Falcone Portoferraio Stella Fort is a part of the imposing fortification desired by Cosimo dei Medici ...
Fort San Giacomo former Fort Longone Porto Azzurro

Fortress San Giacomo Longone

Fort San Giacomo, also called Forte di Longone, was built in 1603 by Philip III of Spain at war with ...
Walls Forte Saint Cloud Portoferraio

Fortress Saint Cloud

Fort Saint Cloud constituted the southern end of the outermost fortified line of the entrenched camp and was built between ...
Fortress Montebello or Mountain Albero - Portoferraio Elba Island

Fortress Montebello (Mountain Albero)

Fortress Montebello external fortification in Portoferraio Fortress Montebello (or Mountain Albero) is a fortification outside those of the historic center ...
English Fortress renamed by Napoleon in Fortress Saint Hilaire

Fortress English (Fortress Saint Hilaire)

Fortress Inglese (or Forte Saint Hilaire) is the only one promoted by the design and construction will of Napoleon, which ...
The history of Elba - Fortress Focardo Capoliveri

Focardo Fort

Fortress Focardo rises on a promontory located south of the Gulf of Porto Azzurro. It was erected in 1678 by ...
Portoferraio Lighthouse Fortress Falcone

Falcon Fortress

The Falcon Fortress was built in 1548 by the Medici as a defense from the continuous pirate attacks. The interior ...
Portoferraio and the Volterraio Castle

Castle of the Volterraio

Volterraio Castle formerly Monte Veltraio Volterraio Castle The Volterraio Castle, anciently called Mount Veltraio is hexagonal, it was built around ...
Tower of San Giovanni

Tower of S. Giovanni Monte Perone

The Tower of San Giovanni previously called: Torra, Torretta or Torre della Regina, takes its new name from the nearby ...
Tower Marina of Campo

The Tower of Marina di Campo

The Tower of Marina di Campo built in the twelfth century. is attributable to the Pisan area, overlooking the small ...

Tower S. Giovanni

Tower Marina of Campo

Tower of Marciana Marina

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