Rio Marina Tower

The Tower of Rio Marina, historical name Tower of the Appiani, is municipal property and was built in 1534. The tower is located at the entrance to the town’s port. Rio Marina owes its birth and its history to the navy and to the iron , Rio is already mentioned in medieval Pisan and Genoese documents together with the villages of Capoliveri , Ferraia, Grassula, later destroyed by the pirate Barbarossa, Campo and Marciana . Jacopo V of Aragon Appiani prince of Piombino in 1534 tried to fortify the port of the Rio Marina, having a tower built to guard the warehouse of the iron vein, which dominated the whole territory from above and was part of that sighting and defense system of the island. The Tower, which stands on the town’s beach, rises to a height of 30 meters, on an octagonal plan. In 1882 to celebrate the birth of the Municipality of Rio Marina the ‘tower’ with the clock was built on the top of the structure, and the tower was plastered and painted .

How to reach the Tower von Rio Marina

The Tower is located on the town beach, next to the pier of the marina,
It is not possible to visit the inside of the tower.