Waldensian Evangelical Temple (Rio Marina)

The first presence of an evangelical community in Rio Marina dates back to 1853, but the Waldensian  church valdese was established only on March 8, 1863, with 18 women and 5 men. On March 24, 1864, the temple was inaugurated; in 1867-68 the pastor’s house and two classrooms were built. The school was born even earlier, in 1862, and soon had 120 pupils. Despite emigration, the church reached the peak of its members, 105, in 1905, while the school, attended by both children of evangelicals and Catholics, had 192 pupils in 1924. In 1925, with the consolidation of fascism, the church was officially closed but in fact it continued its activity until 1931. After the war, the Waldensian House was established in the premises of the former school.

How to reach Tempio Valdese in Rio Marina

The Waldensian Church is located on a side street, near Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Rio Marina

Location Waldensian Evangelical Temple (Rio Marina)