Church SS. Annunziata (Rio Marina)

Rural oratory (Church of SS. Annunziata), under the patronage of Giuseppe Passameliti, was built in 1844, as a votive offering “under the invocation of the SS. Annunziata”. According to family tradition, the patron saint, a young surgeon and landowner from Messina, saved himself from the earthquake (one of the many that shocked his city) by running towards the sea. As soon as he arrived at the port, shocked by the continuous tremors, with his house destroyed and his mother dead under the rubble, he boarded the first departing ship to abandon Messina and emigrate elsewhere.

The painting of the Annunciation and the church

As soon as he was on board, relieved by the shock, he realized that he had the painting of the Annunciation with him and remembered that he had survived because, at the moment of the collapse, he had gone back to save the precious image. He then made a solemn vow that he would settle where the ship stopped, and would build a church in honor of the Madonna. As luck would have it, he was a Riese brig.

Thus it was that Giuseppe settled in Piaggia and with his nest egg saved, he actively participated in the frenetic economic and urban growth that the town of Rio Marina was experiencing, and when he had the chance, he built the church of SS. Annunziata (Rio Marina)

The collapse of the roof

With the expansion of mining activity (iron minerals ), the little church was surrounded by construction sites and seriously damaged by mines, to the point of suffering the collapse of the roof and part of the load-bearing walls.
The oratory remained for decades in a state of abandonment and very serious degradation, until a descendant of the pious Messina, Natalia Carletti Giannoni, decided to donate it to a Committee – established on the initiative of the Mayor, Hon. Bosi, to take care of its restoration. The Church, completely restored and passed into the ownership of the Municipality, was inaugurated on 1 May 2009.

Stree View

360 ° external view of the church SS. Annunziata (Rio Marina)

How to reach Church SS. Annunziata (Rio Marina)

The church of SS. Annunziata is located in the part above the town of Rio Marina, adjacent to the old mine, now the Mining Park of the Elba Island.

Location Church SS Annunziata (Rio Marina)