Church of San Marco of the Grotte

The church of San Marco to the Caves was built in 1619, in memory of an episode of the wars against the Turks. At the beginning of the EIGHTEENTH century, the property passed from Roncesvalles to Lambardi, who built the villa adjacent and restored the chapel, filling the framework of the “San Marco“, commissioned to the florentine Giuseppe Bezzuoli in 1824.

The large altarpiece depicting the Evangelist, who, raising his gaze to the source of his inspiration, he writes in the book propped up on his knees, the fulcrum light of the composition. After the Lambardi, of whom remain in San Marco some of the stones from the tombs in the church together with the fund, it passed by inheritance to the Lambardi-Duchoquè and then it was sold to the family Gasparri.

St. Mark Evangelist

St. Mark the Evangelist was first a disciple of St. Paul the Apostle and then of St. Peter, and is the author of the Gospel according to Mark. His holiness is recognized by many Christian Churches, and he is considered patriarch and first bishop of Alexandria from the Coptic one. A fairly detailed picture of the life of St. Mark the Evangelist comes from what he described in the New Testament, while other information comes to us from the Apocryphal Acts of Mark and from the Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius of Caesarea.

How to reach the Church of San Marco alle Grotte

The Church is located in the Grotte area adjacent to San Giovanni

Location Church of San Marco alle Grotte