Church of the Most Holy Sacrament (Portoferraio)

Church of the Holy Sacrament located inside the historic center of Portoferraio, was built in 1551, its current appearance is the result of reconstruction after the war bombings. The ceiling of the single nave (1731), decorated in coffered with floral motifs, bears the “Coronation of Mary” attributed to Giovanni Sagrestani in the center. On the baroque main altar in polychrome marble and stucco is the altarpiece of the “Assunta”, copy (1930) by Giuseppe Mazzei from Guido Reni; on the walls, the late eighteenth-century paintings by Cristino Giannetti with “The sacrifice of Abraham” and “The dream of Elia”. The chapel dedicated to the fallen of the Great War is the work (1934) of Severino Crott; the frescoes are by Giuseppe Mazzei. Above the ciborium and the marble altar is the wooden “Crucifix” which is believed to have been found under the ruins of ancient Fabricia.

Stree View

360° external view of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament

How to reach Chiesa in Portoferraio

To reach the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, we must head inside the historic center of Portoferraio , after crossing Porta a Mare we head into the ancient via della biscotteria, via del good taste and we have reached the church, about 100 m from Porta a Mare.

Location Church of the Santissimo Sacramento Portoferraio