Rio Marina Church of San Rocco

The church of Rio Marina dedicated to San Rocco is the most representative place of worship in the town, and was built by the lords of Piombino in the second half of the 16th century with the aim of offering a place of prayer to the miners who, from the continent, came to work on the island.

Until 1840 under the parish church of San Giacomo

It remained a chaplaincy under the parish of San Giacomo and Quirico until 1840, then, with the increase in population and the importance of the new coastal centre, it was erected into a parish.

Stree View

360 ° external view of the church of Rio Marina

How to reach the Church of San Rocco (Rio Marina)

The church of San Rocco is easily identifiable, it is located in the center of country of Rio Marina

Location Church of San Rocco (Rio Marina)