Trekking from north to south of Elba

MARCIANA (355 m) – MADONNA DEL MONTE (630 m) – TROPPOLO (692 m) – CHIESSI ( 13 m)

Length 11.3 km
Duration 4 h 30 minutes
Highest point 703 m
Lowest point 25 m
Total ascent 453 m
Total descent 806 m
Difficulty E

Marciana is a small hill village with granite paved streets and narrow houses lying on a promontory in the shape of an arrow. Trekking da nord a sud dell’ Elba For this itinerary leave the village from the highest part near the fortress and take the paved track that goes to the Sanctuary of Madonna del Mount.

On the way, there are the shrines of the Way of the Cross. The church courtyard is an exedra dating from the end of the 17th century and inside there is a spring of pure water flowing out in all seasons. After a stop in this sacred place continue on track No. 3 for Chiessi.

Pianosa da Monte Capanne

The itinerary winds along a well-marked and wide track with very little climbing (about 100 m) until it reaches “Troppolo”. Along the walk there are beautiful views of the sea and the countryside. On fine days you can see clearly the islands of Capraia and Corsica.

Caprile Collaccio Basso e Monte Cristo sullo sfondo

Big erratic granite boulders that seem suspended in mid-air are the frame to this rough and changing environment. Parts of the track are bordered by old chestnut woods and small bushes of scented garrigue.Trekking From north to south Elba From “Troppolo” continue on track number 3 for about 40-50 minutes, mainly on the same level, until you meet track number 4 that leads to Pomonte. Now starts the descent towards Chiessi.

There is a short detour towards Colle di San Bartolomeo to visit the only wall still standing of the church of San Bartolomeo dating from the 12th century. Trekking da nord a sud dell’ Elba Although there are only the ruins of the outer walls and of one of its sides, the place itself and the surroundings express an essential and primitive religiousness such as may have been that of the people that once attended it. Trekking From north to south Elba Once back on the main track, continue downhill through ancient terracing and small vegetable gardens, and in about an hour you will be at sea level, possibly at sunset, to see the sun going down behind the island of Corsica.