Tip Nasuto Scuba diving Elba Island

Sailing west of Marciana Marina is Punta Nasuto. Here the seabed is very varied. An interesting dive is the one that begins on the east side of the promotory. After moving through thick shoals of damselfish hanging constantly in mid-water you will reach the base of the cliff 42 meters deep.

Grongo (Conger conger) - Congridae

Being careful not to lose direction, this route continues for about 50 meters towards the open sea along a sandy tract, until reaching a large isolated rock that rises imposingly through the surface of the water by a couple of meters. The life surrounding these two underwater cliffs is extraordinary; there are shoals of white breams and shadefish inside the deep clefts, with lobsters and conger-eels appearing from behind rocks, as well as the beautiful Anthias whirling inside the cracks with their pink coats.

The rocks display a particularly rich coralligenous with bright colourful sponges, bryozoas and the delicate crowns of the Protula tubularia.