Shallows of Careno Scuba diving Elba Island

Between Capo Sant’Andrea and Formiche della Zanca, the great Careno Shallows rise up to 14-20 meters from the sea surface. The area facing the coast slopes gently to a moderate depth while the area towards the open sea forms a rockslide of various terraces which reach a depth of 40 meters.

Dentice (Dentex dentex) - famiglia degli Sparidae

The morphology of the seabed is characterized by a succession of big rocks one on top of the other, forming hide-outs, caves and narrow tunnels that create the perfect housing for many reef fish such as wrasse, groupers and blennies. In the darker areas grow sponges and tunicates, such as the transparent Clavelina lepadiformis and the red Halocinthya papillosa, that beautifully colour the rocks.

The side facing northwest is spectacular: descending along the wall formed by enormous rocks and after reaching a depth of 30 meters, there are gorgonias, lobsters and plenty of scorpion fish. This part of the coast is particularly luxuriant thanks to the presence of constant currents carrying essential nourishment for the development of many forms of life. As on most shallows, even here it is possible to observe the passing of dentexes and amberjacks that reach these waters in search of prey.