Punta of Madonna Scuba diving Elba Island

Not far from the previous dive is Punta of Madonna, which can be reached in just a few minutes by boat from the port of Marciana Marina or Sant Andrea. The dive can be made on the north side of the promontory to explore what looks like its underwater extention and is constituted by a large cliff the top of which almost reaches the surface of the water. Towards the open sea, the wall descends quickly to over 44 meters where the rocks display a large number of deep and large fractures, the ideal hideout for the many species that prefer a dark environment. There are many red Apogon imberbis, small slipper lobsters, Galathea and the Stenopus spinosus crayfish with their long antennas. Thanks to the alternation of fractures and extraordinarily clear water this underwater landscape is unique. For this dive a flashlight is essential to magically catch in the darkness the great variety of sea fauna concentrated around this cliff.

Bavosa Rossa (Lipophrys nigiceps) - famiglia Blenniidae