Focacciaiola Rock Scuba diving Elba Island

Focacciaiola Rock, about 200 meters out to sea from the Gemini Capoliveri , rocks there is another partially emerging rock. The south side of this rock is the most interesting: the seabed descends gradually to 20 meters where there are tunnels and fractures. The first cave is 9 meters deep and can be easily spotted thanks to the large opening that allows the diver to swim inside. Here various vents appear and the light filters through the cracks creating a unique scenery.

Another cave is situated deeper and inside there are various sessile species, such as the branched formations of Myriapora truncata and the multicoloured sponges, as well as tiny shellfish and often beautiful rocklings or conger-eels hiding inside the deeper cracks. It is important to pay particular attention to the delicate calacareous structures of the bryozoans which can so easily crumble!

Sarago Fasciato, sarago comune o sarago testa nera (Diplodus vulgaris) - famiglia Sparidae