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Libertas volley was born in August 1999 from an idea shared between Giulio Tagliaferro (first president) and Pino Paoli, the then president of Azzurra Volley. The idea was to create a partnership in Porto Azzurro in order to take advantage of the nascent tensile structure in loc. Bocchetto, the current Luigi Russo gym. Since then many things have changed, the president, today, is Roberto Vitrano who has replaced the outgoing Roberta Branconi. The company collaborates with the Polisportiva l’Elba ’97 (formerly Campo Volley), with the Polisportiva Rio nell’Elba and with the volleyball club of Rio Marina , who still sees his friend Pino Paoli in his ranks. Over the years at Libertas volley there have been many events, beautiful and less beautiful, many athletes , more or less good, but we thank everyone for giving us the opportunity to be in the game even today. Below is a list of the results obtained in these ten years of activity.

The history of Libertas volley

1999/2000 2nd division 6th classified

2000/2001 2nd division 5th classified

2001/2002 2nd division 4th classified

2002/2003 1 ^ division 11 ^ classified

2003/2004 2nd division 5th classified

2004/2005 2 ^ division 6 ^ classified

2005/2006 2 ^ division 4 ^ classified

2006/2007 1st division 12th classified

2007/2008 2 ^ division 6 ^ classified

2008/2009 2 ^ division 3 ^ classified

Libertas volley has also participated in some youth championships, in the last two years in collaboration with the Volleyball field and Elba ’97.

2001/2002 under 16 FIPAV
2003/2004 under 13 FIPAV

2004/2005 under 14 FIPAV

2005/2006 under 14 FIPAV

2007/2008 under 16 FIPAV

2008/2009 under 18 FIPAV

Libertas volley
Porto Azzurro
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