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Moto Club Elba Island in a natural setting for sporting activities related to 2 wheels and theater of international events. It starts from the early ’70s, the Enduro bike, a cult object that literally exploded the passion of the Elban boys and from there the need to create a club affiliated to Italian Motorcycle Federation , the Elban Motorcycle Association, which I began to coordinate and train the emerging riders of the time and to organize the first competitions at a regional and national level.

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After having organized various races of the then regularity, now called enduro, in 1981 the Six Days was organized, or the Team World Championship which left an indelible mark on the heart of fans from all over the world.
Other events at national level followed, organized by the Elban Motorcycle Association, up to the end of the 1980s where a period that was not very favorable for this sport began, as laws and restrictions of various nature seemed to crush this sporting discipline, because it was in contrast with the environmental requirements of the island.

In 2010 a new sporting entity was born, the Moto Club Isola d’Elba.
The new board immediately began to work in close contact with the institutions subverting all the negative aspects created to discourage who practiced the “off-road” and started a new season of events that will remain in the history of motorcycling on the island of Elba .

It started with a trial of the Tuscan Regional Enduro in 2012, followed by the first trial of the Italian Motorally Championship in 2013 which was repeated in 2014 with a splendid 2 days.

Moto Club Elba Island

In 2015 the Italian Absolutes of Enduro , the international stars arrived to race on our island, first of all the 5 times world champion, the French Atoine Meo . Also in the same year in October another major event is the historical re-enactment of the Six Days 1981, a race with vintage “three days” enduro bikes.

Events Organized by the Moto Club Elba Island

• 2012 – Regional Enduro Championship

• 2013 – Italian Motorally Championship

• 2014 – Italian Motorally Championship

• 2015 – Italian Absolute Enduro

• 2015 – I.T.D.E. International Tree Days Enduro

• 2016 – KTM Trophy

• 2017 – Italian Motorally Championship

• 2018 – I.T.D.E. International Tree Days Enduro

• 2021 – Enduro Vintage Trophy 2021

Video of the “Enduro Vintage Trophy” last event organized by the Moto Club Isola d’Elba

Moto Club Elba Island 2020

Moto Club Elba Island A.s.d.
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