Econauta Kayak Elba Island

SPORT Elba in Kayak with Econauta

While paddling, you sit forward in the sea, on that thin and ephemeral line that divides the under (sea) from above (earth and sky), contacting all the elements that make up an island.

Econauta Kayak Elba Island

The kayak glides lightly on the surface of the sea pushed by the slow and harmonious movement of arms and shoulders.

You will be involved in a slow and silent navigation, which leads us to discover the most intimate ravines of the island coasts and with respect to observe and get to know the creatures that live there.

A journey along the coast enriched by breaks and baths to harmonize with the Islands to become part of them.

Econauta in Kayak

Econaut is anyone who wants to participate in this nomadic journey into nature, perhaps for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks.

The Econaut moves slowly in the biodiversity of the earth, he is a nomad curious to discover and understand , but always with the lightness of awareness that there is nothing definite and everything is constantly changing.

a journey through space, time and mind, without limits, fueled by nature, nourishment and stimulus to dream and realize adventures.

Econauta di Umberto Segnini
Via della Bonalaccia, 1204
57034 Marina di Campo
Elba Island (LI)

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Kayak tour of the Island of Elba