Trekking with Econauta Elba Island

Trekking on Elba walking, between the green and the blue of the island

Trekking on Elba with Econauta, walking is the most natural action for man, the best way to use and refine the senses, to observe, perceive, think.

Trekking with Econauta Elba Island

Econauta’s excursions, both those of half or full day, and those that take place over several days or several weeks, are always aimed at small groups of up to 8 participants.

The small number of people makes us not invasive towards the places we are going to get to know and helps us to establish a relationship of complicity and friendship with those who participate.

The Islands are the favorite destinations for our trekking, the Island of Elba first of all, then Corsica, Capraia, Giglio, Pianosa and the other “Sisters” of the Tuscan Archipelago.
But also other Islands of the Mediterranean are part of the trekking of Econauta: Ponza, Palmarola and the whole Pontian Archipelago , then Stromboli, Vulcano and the other Aeolian Islands, up to the southern shore of the Mediterranean in the fantastic Tunisian archipelago of Kerkennah.

Econauta’s guided treks are itinerant trips for small groups that are aimed at those who want to know the history and nature of these islands, but above all to those who want to become an integral part of it.

Walks with Econauta – Trekking

Trekking Elba Island

Trekking with Econauta on Elba, Umberto Segnini was born on the island and it is in Elba that he has his roots, he has always lived his Elbanity as a great privilege.

For thirty years he has transformed his passions for nature and history into a job with trekking and kayaking . In this period of time he has accompanied many people on the paths and in the sea of ​​Elba, in the most beautiful and wild places of the island, to make them passionate about this blessed land and transform them into guardians of this heritage.

Nautical camping with Econauta Kayak Elba Island

Econauta di Umberto Segnini
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Elba Island (LI)

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Tel. +39 0565 976707

Tel. +39 333 2653079
Tel. +39 0565 976707