Rally Elba 2023 IRC

56th Rallye Elba Tofeo Banca Centro valid for the International Rally Cup

21-22 April 2023

International Rally Cup IRC

The 56th Rally Elba 2023 met with considerable interest from drivers and teams, which translated into having exceeded one hundred units.

So the new dimension of Rallye Elba is off to a good start, the first round of the International Rally Cup, of which he already took part with great satisfaction in 2014 and 2015, starting in this 2023 to re-propose the success of memberships of those two years.

Rallye Elba route largely revised

The Rallye Elba, not only Italian historical-sporting heritage, is therefore ready to revive the most exciting challenges, a path of strong impact has been prepared, which obviously reflects the tradition, punctuated by seven special stages in total, for a competitive distance of 102.670 kilometres, 35.61% of the entire route which measures 288.320.

Route map of the 56th Rally Elba 2023

Departure and arrival from Portoferraio at the pier in Viale Elba, same location as it happened in the seventies, adjacent to the Night Reorganization, the Assistance Park is confirmed at the “Down Italy”, the administrative checks will be at the “Gattaia” in front of the assistance park in via Vittorio Emanuele II, while the techniques on the “delle Ghiaie” seafront but the main dish will be the route, inspired by tradition and which will not fail to exalt the actors of the IRC 2023 challenge of Rallye Elba 2023, who will find themselves racing on the roads of legend.

The headquarters of the event is confirmed at the Hotel Airone, San Giovanni, on the road that leads from Portoferraio to Porto Azzurro.

Two days of the 56th Rallye Elba for great challenges

Rally Elba 2021

There will be two days of competition, starting from Portoferraio at 17.00 on Friday 21 April to bring the competitors to compete in three special stages in the eastern part of the island, interspersed with the reorganization in Porto Azzurro.

Targa 56° Rally Elba 2023

From 10.30 pm the competitors of the Elba 2023 Rally will enter the night reorganization of Portoferraio, from where they will leave it the following day, Saturday 22 April from 09.00 am. Four more special stages will follow which this time will touch the central-western part of Elba, with the reorganization at Marina di Campo which will precede the two final “piesse”. Arrival is expected from 3.40 pm.

Rally programme

12th April Rally Elba registration closes 2023
Distribuzione Road Book
19/04/2023 Portoferraio – c/o Hotel Airone ore 09.30 – 18.00
20/04/2023 Portoferraio – c/o Hotel Airone ore 09.00 – 11.00

Reconnaissance with production cars
19/04/2023 PS 1 -2 -3: ore 17.30 -22.00
20/04/2023 PS 4-5-6-7: ore 08.30 -13.30

Distribution of plates and race numbers
19/04/2023 Portoferraio – c/o Hotel Airone ore 09.30 – 18.00
20/04/2023 Portoferraio – c/o Hotel Airone ore 09.00 – 11.00

Pre-race sporting checks Rally Elba 2023
04/20/2023 Portoferraio Calata Mazzini c/o “La Gattaia” Visual and Figurative Arts Center 17.00 -22.00
04/21/2023 Portoferraio Calata Mazzini c “La Gattaia” Visual and Figurative Arts Center 07.30 -09.30

Technical checks before the race Rally Elba 2023
20/04/2023 Portoferraio – c/o Lungomare delle Ghiaie 5.30 – 10.30 pm
21/04/2023 Portoferraio – c/o Lungomare delle Ghiaie 09.00 – 13.00
Shakedown 21/04/2023 SP 32 del Volterraio 09.00 – 14.00
Departure 21/04/2023 Portoferraio – Viale Elba 17.00
Final Arrival 22/04/2023 Portoferraio – Viale Elba 2023 15.40 www.rallyelba.com

Closing times of the roads involved in the Special Stages of the 56th RALLY ELBA

The 2023 Rally Elba race route crosses the national park of the Tuscan archipelago, one of the most beautiful and largest in Europe. In inviting competitors and spectators to admire its beauty, we recommend that everyone respect the fauna and vegetation, adopting behaviors in keeping with nature. The telephone number for information regarding roads closed to traffic is 333-5880484. Enjoy Elba, enjoy the rally.

Road closures for the 56th Rally Elba 2023

Rallye Elba’s live television, social and web broadcasts

Bettini Elba Rally 2016 Italian WRC Championship - Elba Events and Celebrations 2016

To better communicate the competition and the territory, Aci Livorno Sport, together with the IRC working group, is planning live television, social and web broadcasts of the Elba 2023 Rally that will certainly be appreciated by both competitors and professionals and enthusiasts.

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Flyer for the 56th Rallye Elba

Route 56th Rallye Elba

Map of the 56th Rallye Elba