Caprile the Macinelle

Le Macinelle is a plateau overlooking the Seccheto Fetovaia coast at 640 m above sea level, where the Caprile delle Macinelle stands. In the book of the divisions of Campo (1763/1802) a plan of the Macinelle is attached which shows the fence only on the left. Subsequently, in the 20s of the last century, the grotto on the north side was added first and then, to complete the structure, the one on the south side. The presence of two domolites, an exclusive feature of this caprile, always allowed safe shelter from the prevailing winds in the area thanks to the different orientation of the two access doors (facing south and north). The presence of waterways and the proximity to the town made the goat suitable for the production of cheeses and ricotta which, packaged in the special farmhouses (containers of woven reeds) and placed in basins, the following day were transported on foot, sometimes even up to to the inhabited area of Rio Elba, to be sold.



 Caprile the Macinelle location