Procchio Beach

Procchio, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island

Procchio beach is certainly among the most beautiful that can be found on Elba, the sand is fine and golden, when winds blow from the south the blue and transparent color of the sea is enhanced, which does not immediately become deep, but slopes gently, ideal for children. The beach, very wide and long, is interspersed with bathing establishments and free beaches. Fascinating and memorable at the end of the day the sunsets over the sea of ​​Procchio.

Spiaggia di Procchio Spiaggia di Procchio
Spiaggia di Procchio Spiaggia di Procchio
Tramonto sul mare Procchio Tramonto sul mare Procchio
La Spiaggia ed il Mare di Procchio La Spiaggia ed il Mare di Procchio
Veliero all'ancora nel Golfo di Procchio Veliero all'ancora nel Golfo di Procchio
Spiaggia di Procchio Spiaggia di Procchio
La Baia di Procchio La Baia di Procchio
Il Golfo di Procchio Il Golfo di Procchio
Spiaggia di Campo all'Aia Procchio Spiaggia di Campo all'Aia Procchio
Spiaggia di Procchio Spiaggia di Procchio
Spiaggia di Campo all'Aia Procchio Spiaggia di Campo all'Aia Procchio
La Spiaggia ed il Mare di Procchio La Spiaggia ed il Mare di Procchio
Catamarano in rientro alla Spiaggia della Guardiola Catamarano in rientro alla Spiaggia della Guardiola

Restaurants on the sea of ​​Procchio

There we find various panoramic restaurants overlooking the sea, where we can eat good fish dishes. For those who want a simple snack with sandwiches or stuffed focaccia, there is a convenient supermarket on the road leading to the beach.

Procchio beach among the largest on Elba

The extension of Procchio beach is one of the largest on the island. Its length exceeds 1 km, also considering a small stretch of gravel that divides it from the Guardiola, the name of the beach on the far right where the gulf encloses itself, forming a natural shelter. The part of the beach on the far left is called the Canton.

Campo Aia beach

The stretch of sand between Procchio and Guardiola takes its name from the part behind the beach, Campo Aia , once cultivated with vineyards, now a residential area, particularly popular with tourists. The parking (for a fee) behind the beach is very convenient and little known.

The Guardiola Beach

To the right of Procchio beach is the Guardiola beach , an inlet and natural shelter for boats. There is a pier for boarding, from where the Società Sportiva la Guardiola carries out the transport service to the buoys, where the boats are moored. much appreciated by bathers.

To the left of the beach of Procchio is the Canton

To the extreme left of the Gulf of Procchio we find the Cantone beach, where a few meters from the shore at a depth of 1.5 m we find two sections of columns, archaeological finds to testify the ancient extraction of marble which took place in the part above the beach and the cliff ; already in Roman times.
Processing then abandoned in more recent years, due to the difficulty of extraction due to the hardness of the material.

Snorkeling in Procchio

The left corner of Procchio beach (il Cantone), is the ideal place for snorkeling, following the cliff, we can appreciate the rich marine life of the area by observing: limpets, snails, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. It is easy to meet: sea bream, salpe, sea bream, octopus and much more, until you reach Punta Agnone (about 300 m) where there are often small snappers and groupers.

The Procchio wreck

On the right side of the Gulf of Procchio (La Guardiola), in 1967 a storm brought to light the wreck , the remains of a Roman cargo ship, in good condition .

It is an exceptionally preserved hull for a length of about 16 meters, the ship, intact, had to measure about twenty meters.

The wreck is located near Campo all’Aia, on a sandy bottom, three meters deep, (currently not visible because it is covered with sand).

Sunset over the sea in Procchio

On the right side of the Gulf of Procchio, at the Campo all’Aia beach you can admire memorable sunsets over the sea, the event gathers many admirers every evening, with the sun plunging into the sea between the tip of the Crocetta ( Marciana Marina ) and the island of Capraia.

Procchio’s Guardiola

La Guardiola is the name of the point on the right side of the Gulf of Procchio, with the characteristic building on the cliff (already present in the maps of 1800), now a residential house. From very ancient times the structure was a barracks to watch over the deep and sheltered bay of Procchio, this is the reason from which the locality of Guardiola takes its name. For several years the building remained in disuse and abandoned, only to be restored as we see it today.

Services Beach of Procchio

The beach is equipped with various bathing establishments, pedal boat rental, canoes, Sup, Banana Boat tours, boat rental, jet skis, buoys for mooring boats, nautical club, various lanes for boats, slipway for hauling and launching boats, two windsurfing schools. , three sailing schools, tennis and padel courts, bars, restaurants, gym, diving.

In the summer months the Municipality of Marciana carries out a convenient Marebus shuttle service connecting the various locations: Procchio, Redinoce, Literno, Marmi, Campo in the Hague, Gualdarone, Spartaia, La Paolina.

In the central part of the beach we find a service provided by the municipality of Marciana and public toilets and showers (for a fee)

How to get to Procchio beach

Procchio is a small town in the center of Elba, easily reachable from every part of the island. We find various car parks near the village , from the center of Procchio the shaded pedestrian street starts pines leading to the sea.

Another convenient point to reach Procchio beach is to go to Campo all’Aia, where there is a convenient parking by the sea. From the provincial Portoferraio / Procchio, 2km from the latter, we turn towards the sea following the signs for Campo all’Aia.

Procchio, the hub of traffic on the island, is also well served by public transport.

Elba Spiaggia di sabbiaBottom of the Beach: Sand
Elba venti da Nord OvestExposed to winds from: North West
Length: 1000 m
Beach services
  • Parking
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Bathing establishment
  • Umbrella and deckchair rental
  • Tennis court
  • Padel
  • Gym
  • Fitness
  • Boat Rental
  • Jet Ski Rental
  • Kayak rental
  • Pedalo rental
  • Banana Boat Tours
  • Flyboard rental
  • Water ski
  • Diving
  • Sailing school
  • Nautical Club
  • Surf school
  • Lane for boats
  • Dock for embarkation
  • Slide for Boats
  • Mooring buoys


Webcam Procchio Golfo Beach and Guardiola Bay

The webcam is positioned at Procchio beach and shows the central beach, the Guardiola bay and part of the gulf. Refresh the image every two minutes.

WebCam Spiaggia di Procchio

The images are transmitted live and do not constitute a "Historical Archive".
The shots are at a distance that does not allow the recognition of people's facial features, as required by current legislation on privacy.



Stree View

Aerial view of Procchio Beach