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The most beautiful beaches on the Island of Elba

In Elba there are more than one hundred beaches, all different and very beautiful: this is the most interesting feature! Yes, because this variety will be able to satisfy the needs of tourists.

Hotel Elba Island

There are many hotels and a wide choice, with the possibility of staying a few meters from the sea, if this is what you want. Choose a hotel in the central part of Elba if you love worldly life looking for more leisure and entertainment, if you want a more relaxing holiday, with the sensations that a island can give, in the far west you will find the right hotel for you.

Hotel Belmare Patresi

Hotel Belmare

Hotel Belmare rises on the hills of the West Coast, surrounded by a luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, with wonderful view over ...
Hotel Hermitage Biodola

Hotel Hermitage

Hotel Hermitage, only eight kilometres from Portoferraio, in the most exclusive bay of the Island of Elba, the Hermitage Hotel ...
Hotel Frank 's

Hotel Frank ‘s

Hotel Frank ‘s is immerged in the thick mediterranean vegetation of the Bay of Naregno, has been designed to guarantee ...
Hotel Biodola

Hotel Biodola

Hotel Biodola is located in the magnificent Biodola bay, the most exclusive bay of the Island of Elba, Hotel Biodola ...
Hotel Punto Verde Marina di Campo

Hotel Punto Verde

Hotel Punto Verde is an elegant, typically Mediterranean hotel in the centre of Marina di Campo, just a stone’s throw ...
Hotel Villa Ottone

Hotel Villa Ottone

Hotel Villa Ottone the essence of privacy and refinement Elegance is the keynote of the interiors and exteriors of a ...
Hotel Cala di Mola

Hotel Cala di Mola

Hotel Cala di Mola facing the bay of Mola, a tranquil and sheltered natural inlet, the facility boasts extensive views ...
Hotel Sant Andrea

Hotel Sant Andrea

Hotel Sant Andrea is situated in a small corner of paradise at Cape Sant’Andrea, surrounded by greenery, old pine trees ...

Residence on the Island

Residence Insel Elba, wide choice with the possibility of staying a few meters from the sea, if this is what you want.

Residence Alithai Portoferraio

Portoferraio Residence Alithai

Elba Island Portoferraio residence Alithai is situated in a residential area at approx. 7 km from Portoferraio, some steps away ...
Residence Elba Naregno Capoliveri

Residence Elba Capoliveri

Residence Elba has 22 mini-apartments in a completely fenced area of ​​5'000 square meters. surface, all equipped with TV and ...
Residence Il Doge

Doge Residence

The Doge Residence is situated alongside the lovely “Lido di Capoliveri” beach. It is a cosy family run place surronded ...
Marina di Campo Residence Hotel Iselba

Marina of Campo Residence Hotel Iselba

The 4 stars at Marina di Campo Residence Iselba is located in a pine area of 20’000 mq. directly on ...
Residence Le Grazie Est

Residence Le Grazie Est

In the south-eastern part of Elba, at the foot of one of the most typical village, Capoliveri, this residence is ...
Elba Residence Napoleon

Procchio Residence Napoleon

In Procchio Residence Napoleon the small village, in ancient times called "Cervinia" and renowned for its quartz sand beach, one ...
Residence Villa Angelica

Villa Angelica Residence

The Villa Angelica Residence is right next to the Le Calanchiole Campsite. The residence consists of mini apartments that sleep ...
Residence Maricampo

Residence Maricampo

The Residence Maricampo is a binder complex in Marina di Campo Elba Island, it is recently built with private swimming ...

Camping Elba Island

List of the best campsites on the Island of Elba, all very close to the sea: see the photos, rates and location, find the ideal campsite for your holiday on the island.

ElbaDoc Camping Village Chalet Tamba

ElbaDoc Campsite Village

Campsite Elba Doc camping village, recently renovated by the new management, is located near Cavo (Rio Marina), the fastest and ...
Biodola Camping Scaglieri Tent

Biodola Campingsite Scaglieri

On the Island of Elba the Camping Scaglieri Village lies in front of the splendid Biodola Bay, at just 7 ...
Porto Azzurro Camping Arrighi

Porto Azzurro Camping Arrighi

Porto Azzurro Camping Arrighi, run by the owner, is situated on the beautiful beach of Barbarossa, just 1,5 km away ...
Camping Lacona

Campingsite Lacona

The Lacona campsite is located on the south coast of the Elba Island, in the locality of Lacona, at the ...
Camping Acquaviva

Camping Village Acquaviva

Acquaviva Camping Village 100 places, some directly on the sea and others in a splendid panoramic position. Ground with grass ...
Camping Stella Mare

Elba Camping Stella Mare

Stella Mare campsite in the National Park on the Island of Elba Elba Camping Stella Mare is plunged into the ...
Camping Calanchiole

Camping Calanchiole

Camping Calanchiole Wonderful panoramic campsite with marked lots situated in the peaceful area of Calanchiole, with large pine end eucalyptus ...
Camping Enfola

Camping Enfola

Camping Enfola a perfect place for diving into the sea, the sun, into uncontaminated nature: this is the Enfola peninsula ...


Descriptions of the various types of apartments and houses for rent on the island.
Apartments a> one-room, two-room and three-room apartments, perhaps a bungalow; apartments with mezzanine, terrace, garden, barbecue, with or without sea view.

Porto Azzurro Apartments Arrighi

Porto Azzurro Apartments Arrighi

Apartments in Porto Azzurro are 1.5 km from the town and are located inside the Arrighi campsite, only 150 meters ...
Scaglieri Apartment The Gigli

Scaglieri Apartment The Gigli

A Scaglieri apartment directly on the sea, welcoming and comfortable, a few steps from the beach of Scaglieri, overlooking the ...
Location Apartments House Holidays Gemma

Gemma Holiday House near the sea

Home Gemma near the sea (only 40 m from the beach) in the gulf of Procchio , has two apartments ...
Biodola Apartment The Ginestra

Biodola Apartment The Ginestra

In the locality of Biodola Appartamento la Ginestra a few steps from the suggestive beaches of Forno, Scaglieri and Biodola ...
Sant Andrea Apartments Villa Denise

Sant Andrea Apartments Villa Denise

Sant Andrea Apartments Villa Denise a charming complex immersed in greenery and the peace of a natural park. The flats, of ...
Campo Aia Apartment Faby

Campo Aia Apartment Faby

Campo Aia Apartment Faby Two-room apartment for 4 people in Campo all'Aia. The apartment is located on the ground floor, ...
Villa in Procchio Apartments Fabrizio

Villa Procchio Apartments Fabrizio

Villa in Procchio Mr. Fabrizio has various possibilities of stay, from the isolated villa directly on the sea, to the ...
Capoliveri Apartments La Turistica

Capoliveri Apartments La Turistica

Capoliveri Apartments La Turistica is a complex consisting of two buildings facing the sea located in a panoramic area overlooking ...

Beach Elba Island

The beaches of the island are all very different from each other. Find the map with the names and icons in different colors according to the conformation of the land. By clicking on it, you will see: photo, description, name, length, background. By clicking on the name, you will access the page complete with description and other photos.

The Cala beach Marciana Marina

The Cala Beach

Cala Beach is always very quiet, perhaps because it isn’t that easy to find or to reach. How to get ...
La Sorgente beach

Sorgente Beach

Spiaggia La Sorgente bella e tranquilla spiaggetta di ghiaia bianca che mette in risalto la limpidezza dell’acqua. Come arrivarci Si ...
Innamorata beach

Innamorata Beach

Spiaggia Innamorata si trova molto vicina alle isole Gemini (vedi foto), meta di molti sub per la prosperosa fauna marina ...
Tower Rio Marina beach

Rio Marina Beach

La spiaggia di Rio Marina la Torre è una piccola spiaggetta sovrastata dalla Torre con l’orologio, costruita dagli Appiani nel ...
Forno Beach

Forno Beach

La spiaggia del Forno è la più piccola delle tre spiagge nel golfo della Biodola, le abitazioni arrivano a pochi ...
Lacona beach

Lacona Beach

The beach of Lacona, one of the largest on the island of Elba Lacona beach is one of the best ...
Redinoce beach Procchio

Redinoce Beach

La spiaggia di Redinoce è formata da sassi abbastanza grossi, per questo non è molto comoda per i bagnanti.Una particolarità, ...
Giardino beach Pomonte

Giardino Beach

La spiaggia del Giardino è tranquilla anche nel pieno della stagione. Il sentiero per raggiungerla è immerso nella bassa boscaglia ...

Tourmaline moor's head, the Island of Elba

The particular Tourmalines moor's head, the Island of Elba, unique of San Piero and recognized by collectors all over the world.

The precious minerals, Elbaite, Petalite, pollucite , Aquamarine, Beryl, on display at the museum of mineralogy and gemmologico LUIGI CELLERI” in San Piero brings the attention of the wonders of the subsoil of the island of Elba.

The peaks of the island of Elba: the Faraglioni degli Argonauti

Faraglioni degli Argonauti, rocky outcrops with extravagant shapes that make them particular and characteristic.

Rocky peaks emerging from the sea on the Island of Elba

On the northern coast of the Island of Elba, near Enfola, there are a series of fascinating rocky peaks that rise from the sea. All of them of various and distinct form.

They are not as famous as the faraglioni of Capri, but the faraglioni of Elba also have their beauty. If you are in the vicinity of Enfola, Sansone beach or find the particular rock formations interesting, then it is worth knowing where they are and paying us a visit.

Great Elba Crossing

Towns and places on the Island of Elba

Elba offers a territory rich in panoramas and hidden corners to explore (both marine and mountain). In addition to this, the island is well prepared for tourism (on the island there are about: 200 hotels, 50 residences, 30 campsites, 30 agritourism companies). The number of residents on the island is just over 20 thousand.

Geology of the Island of Elba

The geological features of the Island of Elba

Tourmaline crystal polychrome mineral San Piero, elba island

The richness and variety of the mineralization of elba, related to the extraordinary view of the geological, have made the geology of the island is famous all over the world, and the sample consists of hematite, pyrite, tourmaline are present, and excelling in all of the mineralogical Museums. On the Island were discovered for the first time in nature, a dozen minerals, including the ilvaite, which takes its name from the ancient name of the island, and the Aquarium.

Civic Archaeological Mining Museum of Rio nell'Elba

The Archaeological Museum of the Mining District is, together with the Mining Museum, one of the central points for disseminating the cultural contents of the Island's Mining Park.

The Museum is located in Rio nell'Elba, in a modern building under the suggestive Barcocaio terrace. The name originates from a Riese dialect form because it arises in the place where several apricot trees grow, called "barcochi". Inside, the most ancient history of the mining district of the eastern island is told, starting from the dawn of its exploitation, during the Copper Age, up to the Middle Ages.

The Museum displays the Eneolithic finds (end of the 3rd and beginning of the 2nd millennium BC) of approximately 90 depositions in the collective burial of the Cave of San Giuseppe.

Elba Island the Museum of the Old Officina Capoliveri

At the Old Workshop Museum you can discover the daily life and stories of the island's miners, the extraction techniques, the characteristics and possible uses of iron minerals told in their original context, in the richest and largest construction site of Capoliveri, between nature, culture and a beautiful sea.

Principality of the Island of Elba

The principality of the Island of Elba was a small European state, which existed in the 19th century from 1814 to 1815, ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte, former emperor of the French and king of Italy.

Treaty of Fontainebleau

The principality of the island was created by virtue of the Treaty of Fontainebleau where Napoleon was allowed to keep his noble titles. By renouncing any dynastic right for himself and his descendants over France, Italy and the other countries which belonged to the French Empire.

Sunset on the sea La Guardiola

Elba Photo

Despite being a small island, Elba offers very beautiful and varied landscapes. These pictures will show it to you. (Over 300 photos).

Photo Sub

Images that show the underwater nature and the pleasant encounters that can be made.

Elba Sub Re di Triglie Apagon
The Linguella Portoferraio

Monuments on the Elba Island

The Island of Elba during the course of history has had various vicissitudes, each one has left a mark and monuments on the island to visit, some truly beautiful.

Tourist Itineraries

In addition to the sea, the island of Elba is full of fabulous mountain landscapes, characteristic villages and monuments that recall the its history. Below you will find some itineraries listed. They are complete with photos, also valid for a virtual visit.

Cavoli Elba beach
Elba in Mountain Bike

Elba on Mountain Bike

Visiting the island on two wheels, through its dirt roads and wooded paths, is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in nature. The Island offers routes between the mountains and the sea, excellent for fit bikers.

Elba Island Trekking

The island offers various and unique excursions. The island will give us pleasant emotions in one of the most evocative landscapes of the Mediterranean.

Trekking Elba Capo Enfola

Find the hotel for your holiday on Elba

Compare the descriptions, see photos, location, services offered and rates; find the hotel ideal for your vacation.

The Island

Located in the middle of the marine park of the Tuscan archipelago and can be reached in just one hour by boat from Piombino.